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Over an 8 year span I have gone through the steps of seeing my family doctor, Neurologist, chiropractor, podiatrist, have had orthotics made and taken medication. All of this to get some relief for some pretty severe foot and leg pain.  It had gotten to the point of really affecting my daily life.  I'm only 47 and didn’t want to live like that.  Tom was my last hope at finding some relief.

Within 3 treatments I have had great results.  The first week I had with no pain I didn’t want to say anything, afraid I would jinx something.  Seriously though, I have had consistent good days, something I haven’t had for a very long time.  

A true heartfelt thank you to Tom


I started seeing Tom for a stiff and sore neck and within a few treatments I was much better.  Now the pain in my neck has virtually disappeared. I continue to go to Tom for “regular tune ups” which seem to help keep my body relatively pain free.  Also we have started work on a TMJ problem which I feel confident will be alleviated with Tom’s ministrations.  I can’t tell you exactly what he does; it is all a mystery to me.  But whatever it is, it seems to work.  


I came to Tom desperately seeking relief from a current condition I had been suffering from since the age of 18.  I am currently 36.  My symptoms were fatigue, brain fog, mild dizziness (rocking boat feeling), eye pain, and muscle stiffness just to name a few.  I'm not sure what the original cause of my problem was.  It could have been lymes disease, a vestibular problem, or some other form of infection.  Regardless, my journey for an answer via allopathic (conventional medicine) nearly killed me.  My health only deteriorated more due to the toxic drugs prescribed to me over the years.   The mental and physical toll it took on me was excruciating.  Let's fast forward to about a year ago.   I found Tom!!   My first session with Tom left me feeling rather emotional.   The gentle manipulations that he performed on my head and neck produced immediate results.   It amazes me how I could feel my vascular and muscular system opening up as Tom worked on me.  It was at this point that I knew Tom would be able to help me on my healing journey.   I walked out of his office after only one session feeling a sense of clarity and energy that I hadn't felt in almost 15 years.   Since that first visit, I have been seeing Tom on a regular basis.   My body and mind had a great deal of trauma that needed to be addressed and I'm happy to say that Tom has played an intrical part on my journey towards wellness.  Tom is a kind and gentle person who is very easy to talk to.  Tom's work spaces are peaceful and relaxing.  I highly recommend Tom for anyone who is experiencing discomfort. Tom's specialty is a non-invasive, non-drug, and effective therapy that allows the body to relearn how its supposed to properly function.  Give it a shot, its worth it.


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