• Tom Charron

Don't give up....

Your head hurts. Like it has for the past year, or two, or 10. The pain is getting you down. It's really beginning to affect your day to day life, your attitude, your relationships. Meds aren't helping like they used to and it seems there is no answer to what is causing the pain you're experiencing. Please, don't give up on trying to find an answer.

The root of your issue might be stress. Your work environment, money issues, a relationship in trouble, a dying parent... The list is endless. But, there are ways in which these issues can be successfully confronted and overcome.

Perhaps the root of your problem comes from a lifestyle that contributes to ill health. A poor diet, lack of movement and/or exercise, no time out of doors. No time for yourself to do the things you enjoy. It all seems overwhelming and insurmountable. It isn't.

It could also be that the root of your problem is actually physical in nature. Perhaps an old injury, one long forgotten, has changed the way you walk which is affecting your neck position. Maybe a whiplash type injury from a fall or a motor vehicle accident has left you with a neck and head that doesn't move the way it should, which can create muscular imbalances, nerve compression, poor blood flow, or scar tissue, which can all lead to chronic headaches. As bad as all of these can sound, solutions to those problems exist.

So again, don't give up. Ask others with the same situation how they found answers. Talk to your medical doctor, talk to a physical therapist, talk to a chiropractor. Talk to your Massage Therapist, a Social Worker, your yoga instructor. Seek advice from a trusted friend, a Nutritionist, or carefully scour the internet for possible solutions. But do not, give up!


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