• Tom Charron

THE question we need to ask ourselves when it comes to our health.

I actually stumbled across this question while watching a TED talk the other day. It's really a simple question, but one that is rarely asked by our health care providers or even by ourselves. The question is this. "What do you need in your life right now to improve your health?"

There is such a focus in health care today about the alleviation of symptoms be they pain, lack of mobility, depression, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, etc., that the primary question of what may be lacking in someones current life situation (Read CAUSE) is overlooked.

So, you're feeling very tired and wiped out. Well let's do some blood work to see if something is happening with your internal structures. That's all well and good, but what if you are struggling financially and not able to get enough food or good quality food? Or maybe you are working multiple jobs and your sleep patterns are inconsistent or nonexistent. Perhaps your current living/working situation is creating so much stress that you are in a constant state of fight or flight and your body is just on high alert all the time and can't replenish itself through rest.

The point here is two fold. First, if we answer this question honestly for ourselves, it may lead us down a different path towards improving our health. Maybe we don't need to see a doctor. Maybe we need to see someone who can help us transition out of a difficult job or living situation. Maybe we need to find someone who can help us to learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget. Maybe we need to learn how to manage stress on a day to day basis through meditation.

Then, care providers of all types need to be asking this question of everyone who seeks out their services. This way, we can be a resource for community services that can assist folks in altering or overcoming any situation they find themselves in regarding their own health and well being. It is entirely possible that in providing an appropriate resource for people in need, this action alone will move them forward towards achieving and maintaining good health far faster and more efficiently than any method of treatment we can offer them.

So, be honest with yourself. Ask the question of what you need right now to improve your current state of health, then choose an appropriate course of action. If you're not sure where to turn, ask your health care provider for help. That's what they are there for.... to help you achieve and maintain good health!

Be well!


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